2017 Fair Rules for Entering

This fair is planned and conducted according to the rules and regulations of the
Kentucky Department of Agriculture, for the use of state funds.

Every possible protection and courtesy will be extended to the exhibitors at the
Boone County 4-H & Utopia Fair, but the Board shall not be responsible for any loss
of exhibits, animals or equipment in case of fire, theft, or loss from any other cause.

The Boone County 4-H & Utopia Fair Board, its agents, servants, and employees,
shall not be held liable in case of injury to exhibitors, concessionaires, or the public
on the grounds or in the buildings from any cause whatsoever while on the grounds
of the Boone County Fair.

No soliciting or advertising on Fairgrounds is permitted without the prior written
consent of the Boone County Fairboard.

1. All exhibitors entering fairgrounds after posted gate opening times will be charged
2. Entries made in 4-H and FFA classes must have been produced in conjunction with
an approved project.
3. Open classes are open to all exhibitors unless otherwise specified.
4. Items entered for exhibition will not be released until Sunday, August 13th between
2:00 PM and 4:00 PM. Please keep exhibit tags that are issued when entering as
these will be used in claiming exhibits. Exhibits MUST be picked up at this time
as there will be no staff at the Fairgrounds to release exhibits after Sunday.

5. Premiums that were not immediately issued after individual shows will be issued
on Sunday, August 13th between 2:00 PM and 4:00 PM in the Lents Building. Any
discrepancy in premiums should be directed to the Extension Service (586-6101)
on or after Monday, August 14th between the hours of 10:00 AM and 4:00 PM.

All livestock/animals offered for sale or exhibition at Kentucky County Fairs
shall meet the following regulations according to KRS Chapter 257:
a. 302 KAR 20:040 (Entry into Kentucky)
b. 302 KAR 20:065 (Sale and Exhibition of Kentucky Origin Livestock)

Any questions concerning these health regulations should be directed to your
local veterinarian or the Kentucky State Veterinarian’s office at 502-782-5901.

Livestock Health Regulations can be obtained on the Kentucky Department of
Agriculture Web site: http://www.kyagr.com/statevet/ah/index.htm

Please be advised that Livestock Health Regulations are subject to change any time.