Mini HotRod Garden Tractor Pull

Friday August 10th - 7:00 PM
Admission: $10 including participants
Entry Fees:
1050 STK ALT, 1050 PRO, 1150 Motorcycles, 1100 Open Super STK—$20
Sport Stock—$10
Class 1 1000 lb. Sport Stock 23X10.50 tire size
Class 2 1050 lb. Stock Altered (NQS Rules) 26X12X12 tire size
Class 3 1150 lb. Hot rod (motorcycle motors only with carburetors only)
Class 4 1050 lb. Pro-stock tractor 50.5 limit (NQS Rules)
Class 5 1100 lb. Open Super Stock (NQS Rules)
Includes 3 cylinder diesel motors and Twin Cylinders
  1. Tractors must be pushed back to sled to hook and shut-off before being unhooked.
  2. Driver must be large/mature enough to start, stop, and totally control the tractor. Sport Stock class exception—they can be helped by adult.
  3. Helmets mandatory in all classes. Fire Suits recommended but not mandatory.
  4. Drive shaft and drive chains must be covered on all tractors. Automatics must have a safety blanket shield.
  5. Side shield must be 7” wide and go from frame to top of motor, be strapped to motor, and must be made of 1/16 steel or 1/4” aluminum (minimum).
  6. No Propylene Oxide to be added to any fuel used in any class.
  7. Absolutely no drinking Alcohol around pull area or tractors or you will be asked to leave. This is the responsibility of all members to enforce this rule for safety.
PULL #1 – CLASS 1– then 2,3,4,5
PULL #2 – CLASS 1– then 3,4,5,2
PULL #3 – CLASS 1– then 4,5,2,3
PULL #4 – CLASS 1– then 5,2,3,4
PULL #5 – CLASS 1– then 2,3,4,5

Official Rules for 2017

  1. Hitch 13” height at stationary point only 1/8” vertical movement, Hitch must extend 6” from center of axle and have hole large enough for hook to be loose without tightening up. Nothing can interfere with chain hookup or hitch check.
  2. Weights are not to extend back more than 10” from furthest point of rear tires, over all length of 1150 lb. class tractor not to exceed 8 ft. from center of rear tires and the width not to exceed 6 ft. Any weights or parts falling will disqualify that pull.
  3. Tractors hitting the boundary will be disqualified for that pull.
  4. Pro Stock, Stock Alt, and Motorcycle classes 26X12X12 tire limit, Sport stock class 23X10.50 tire limit, no rim size over 12” diameter in all classes, no dual wheels or chains.
  5. Drivers must stay in seat and one hand on steering wheel at all times.
  6. All pulls will be by distance to determine the winner, Tractor can hold only one position in each class and No refunds after the class you are entered in has started.
  7. Driver has two tries to move sled in first 75 ft. except during Pull-Off, In Pull-Off original rotation as drawn must be followed and 1 attempt for that pull.
  8. Protesting must be registered when tractor pulls and post $50.00. Protest rule to go down to protestor’s satisfaction with only committee and owner present at location.
  9. All tractors must be weighed in with driver and helmet. All units pulling must have wheelie bars.
  10. 1150 lb. class 4 cylinder motorcycle engines with carburetors only (water or air cooled).
  11. Single cylinder flat head only in all classes except hot rod classes.
  12. If driver can’t start when sled is in position, the next driver will go ahead. You must be ready to pull after 6 tractors have completed their pulls or you will forfeit your pull.
  13. All tractors must be equipped with kill switches and dead man throttle.
  14. Tractor can only pull down track 2 times unless first puller or in pull-off. If first puller you can drop that pull and come back immediately or drop to 6th position.
  15. Pulling positions will be determined by drawing during entry sign up and must be followed unless number 1 puller.
  16. 1000 lb. Sport Stock must operate 4000 RPM, 52 inch wheel base stock frame, up to 16 HP flat head, Aftermarket piston up to 30 over okay, 1 inch carburetor no stand off must bolt to block, head can be billet or stock, port and polished allowed, steel flywheel, scatter shield and kill switch if pulling more than 2 pulls during the year, clutches covered on top and run on gas only not to exceed .750. No ADDITIVES. Pull stops and measured if tractor is touched at any point while pulling by anyone other then driver, 2 pullers allowed in Sport Stock has to be family and separate pullers, each to pay entry fee best pull will advance only, age limit 16 years and under, exceptions will be made at pulls. Points on front and aftermarket blocks acceptable.
  17. Pro-stock tractors operate on NQS rules. Carburetors must not exceed 1,200 and motor 50.5 cubic inch limit. Length 8” from center of rear axle. Methanol fuel only.
  18. Stock Altered will operate by NQS rules 1050lb, with methanol fuel only. Maximum crank stroke 3.25, Maximum bore 3.780, Maximum valve size 1.380, Maximum valve lift .330, Maximum carburetor venturi size 1.00” and must be round shape, No more than 1” spacer behind carburetor.
  19. Sled may be spotted when you pull, must be done before sled is back to start line.
  20. Classes will be 1 hook unless 8 or more tractors are in a class then top 4 will qualify then come back and run for money. Sport Stock with less than 10 tractors will have 2 hooks no qualifying and take best of the 2 hooks, if more than 10 one hook and top 4 will come back and run for money.